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Popup Control

PQBrowser stops those annoying Popup windows that some web sites open all over your desktop.  PQBrowser stops both the Popups that open when you arrive at a web page and those really pesky Popups that open all over your desktop when you try to leave some web sites.


PQBrowser Stops Popups!


Allows the Popups You Want!


Gives Visual Indication in the Status Bar that it's Stopped a Popup!

What are PopUPs?

Some web pages open new pages or "windows" without you actually clicking on anything such as a hyperlink.  Usually these are advertisements or enticements.  Sometimes each popup that you close causes another one to open.  This can be really frustrating.

When PQBrowser stops a PopUp window, it will place asterisks (*) in the lower right corner of the status bar (see Status Indicators below).  It will also make a sound.

Can I Configure it?

Yes, you can configure the Popup Control feature.  You can turn it completely off or select the type of Popups to stop in the Configuration Settings (see below).  You can even allow all Popups from certain Web Sites.  You can also temporarily allow Popups by holding down the <CTRL> key while you click a link.

PopUp Control Configuration Options

This is the PQBrowser Configuration option dialog box for Popup Control.

1. This is the PQBrowser Configuration option dialog box for Popup Control.  Notice that PQBrowser will signal that it has stopped Popups by putting Asterisks in the Status Bar.  This is handy, because in rare cases, the desired functionality of the web page is inhibited by stopping the Popups.  If this happens you can easily see that a Popup has been stopped, and temporarily bypass the Popup Controls by holding down the <CTRL> key while retrying the link or action that failed.

PopUp Bypass Configuration Option

2. This is the Popup Bypass Configuration. Use this to allows Popups for a complete domain.  This will allow all Popup pages on a web site to open.  Why would you want to do this?   Some web sites, especially business related web sites, rely heavily on scripting.  For example, sometimes a site will open a separate window to log the user out and delete temporary files.  These windows will PopUp when you leave the site or close the browser.  By adding the domain of the web site to the list of domains that will be bypassed for Stop PopUp Control, the site will function normally yet you will still benefit from the Stop PopUp Feature while browsing other web sites.  When a Domain has a PopUp and it's in the Bypass list, you'll see a plus sign (+) in the PopUp portion of the status bar.

PopUp Status Indicators

PopUp Stopped! A single asterisks indicates a PopUp Window that attempted to open was stopped.

Open on Close Stopped!  3 asterisks indicate a web page that will try to open up PopUp Window when you leave the page has been neutralized.  These are the windows that will open when you leave a web site either by navigating to another web site or by closing your browser.  Occasionally this will cause a script error stating that Null is not an Object to occur - just answer yes to continue running scripts on the page.

PopUp on Bypass List Allowed!  The PLUS symbol indicates that the loaded or loading URL is in the PopUP Bypass list and PopUps will be allowed from this site.

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